Palliative Care

Helping of the poor People who are bed ridden due to severe medical condition who cannot come back to normal life. Providing Yoga class for the old and providing medical support and day care centre. Conducting blood donation and blood group identifying camps. In addition, all the members have given their consent for organ donation.

Helping Hand program

Free food kit suppy during the auspicious days of Onam,Vishum,Bakrid,Christmas etc .

Educational support

Providing financial support and providing books and notebooks for the poor children studying in the Government schools.

Free Legal Aid

Providing free legal aid and support to those who are deprived off their human rights and legal rights .

"daivadasakam" to 5 lakh houses

To ensure the reach of the book written by Sri Narayana Guru to 5 lakh houses . Also distribution books and publications about Mahatma Gandhi to students free of cost.

Conservation of Environment

Conservation of Environment, and encouraging organic farming of vegetables and distributing seeds free of cost. In addition, with a message of 'Waste-free village', activities to cleaning the villages and awareness programs conducted regularly.

Drug Free Kerala

Awarness classes against the use of drugs conducted regularly.